A Little Hope Goes a Long Way

There is an ongoing issue in the humanitarian community when it comes to donations. These past few years has seen major scandals and corruption, with some major organizations taking more than 97 cents out of every dollar donated and using it for salaries, advertising, and decorations for elaborate office buildings. 

But you don't donate to pad our expense accounts. You dont give us money to fund lifestyles at home. And you certainly don't donate so we can spend time in fancy hotels and renting Land Rovers while we drive around refugee camps and take pictures. 

SoH is still a small time operation, one that specializes in austere operations. We've opened up medical clinics for less than 400 dollars. We've traveled hundreds of miles using only a few dollars. We stay with the local population we serve. We eat what they eat, sleep where they sleep, and live as they live, allowing us to save more of your money to  use for its intended purpose - Hope. 

You choose where your donation goes. You choose how you want to donate. You choose how you make a difference. 

Donate Your Time, Services, and Expertise


The only reason we have been able to accomplish what we have is because of people like you. Paramedics, doctors, lawyers, counselors, web developers, pharmacists, photographers, case managers, and chefs.

Volunteering with us gives you a chance to see the impact you make and take you to some rather interesting parts of the world, even back home in the USA. 

To submit a volunteer application, please visit our volunteer page by clicking here.

Please note our current open positions. We are seeking a Director of Marketing, a Director of Finance, and a Director of Medicine. While we are seeking to fill these positions ASAP, we are currently accepting applications for all positions, for all professions, for all regions, for all people. 

Donate Equipment Or Order Supplies For Us Online


Want to help, but don't want to donate money and don't have the time to volunteer with us in the field? 

Order supplies online from our Amazon wish-list (Click Here) and have them shipped straight to us! Bandages, tourniquets, gauze, and medication. Rest comfortably knowing full well where your money went, because you spent it and saved lives!


If you have any left over medical equipment, such as bandages, hemostats, medicine, ointments, band aids, tourniquets, or anything else related, don't let it sit at home collecting dust, send it and we will make sure its used effectively. 

Have any old clothes, sheets, or non perishable food? Old military equipment? Body armor, plate carriers, tents, pouches, or rucksacks? Send them our way! Send us an email at Info@Shadowsofhope.Org to confirm donation pick-ups.


Donate Funding


Its quick, safe, and easy. Remember that SoH isn't a large or complicated organization. We don't draw salaries from donations, and we don't have an office that we pay rent on. You're donation goes straight to work with very little lost to overhead. 

If 50 people donated 20 dollars a month, we could keep our operations going indefinitely, supplying our clinics, orphanages, and training programs. 

You can even request a picture to see exactly where your donation went! Send us an email and we will personalize a picture straight from the field, just for you to prove that you save lives. 

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