How We Do It

Our versatility, our unorthodox methodology, our improvisational techniques, our use of local resources, and our fluidity are all just a small reason for our unheard of success in such harsh situations. We do this by sticking to a very open, adaptive operational structure that allows resources to ebb and flow with the need in the field. 

This structure is always evolving. Its come to fruition through years of experience, and to this day continues to change. We take standard operating procedures that have been field-tested and proven to work, and constantly work on changing it to make it as flexible and effective as possible. 

Our current structure mimics that of a military expeditionary task force, having several element headed by a vetted officer and proficient staff that specialize in one area. This allows each company to function in cells, completely independent of others if needed, but their efficiency is exponentially multiplied when paired with other companies. 

Operational Structure

All operations begin with an operational proposal submitted by staff members to our Admin staff. Once voted upon and approved, a task force is created for that particular operation. The Command Element (CE) is made up of our Command Staff and staff members who have deployed to that region or have mission specific leadership skills that could benefit the task force. The CE will then designate members from our Special Operations Group (SOG) who then deploy, beginning path-finding operations such as assessment, generating intel, creating recommendations for larger elements and networking to allow a quick and easy deployment for larger companies that deploy. 

Once SOG has established a footprint, the larger Combat/Security Element (CSE), Medical Element (ME), and Admin/Logistics Element (ALE) then begin operations and preparing for more personnel to deploy by greatly expanding what SOG had started. 

Every deployment creates a new task force, and every element falls under that task force number. While every task force is new and different, they follow the same operational standards as every other operation. Every element is crosstrained to other elements in order to help build a stronger network and support system as well as allowing a certain amount of autonomy and independence. Below we have a more detailed listing of what constitutes each element. 

Command Element

The Command Element is handpicked for specific operations. Each CE is comprised of our Command Staff and then any other members who have expertise in whatever region we are deploying to. The CE must also have the head of every other element as part of the group. 

The CE is the only group that does not officially have permanent members in the field, and only meets when needed or called in order to guide combined operations between all elements.

Combat/Security Element

Our CSE is our most popular group, and what has helped put SoH on the map in the world of humanitarianism. The CSE has to be extremely careful with its operations and never deploys with the intent of combat, but stands ready to do what is necessary to defend SoH operations and those who cry for aid in places other groups can't reach. 

The CSE is comprised of former veterans from many foreign military's and led by our Director of Security. 

Medical Element

Each ME helps form the backbone of our mission. Comprised of our medical staff which includes physicians, nurses, and a whole lot of medics, the ME is heavily specialized for the region its deploying to in order to ensure the most effective work possible. 

The ME faces the most challenging tasks in the field, dealing with life or death on a daily basis with little resources to rely upon due to the remote and dangerous nature of our deployments. the ME is lead by our Director of Medicine.

Admin/Logistics Element

Our unseen heroes, the ALE constantly faces an uphill battle. True masters think in logistics, not tactics, and providing supplies and admin support in warzones and isolated regions has helped ALE evolve into a surprisingly efficient element. 

The ALE is mostly comprised of our civilian staff, and in addition to providing supplies, also lead our education programs as well as providing clean water, plans/labor for building schools and clinics. The ALE is lead by our Director of Administration.  

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