Who We Are

Shadows of Hope is an officially registered 501(c)(3) charity currently operating in 4 global theaters spanning more than a dozen countries. 


With a uniquely skilled core of volunteers that fluctuates between just a few to over a hundred members, Shadows of Hope draws its labor pool not from overseas specialists, but from local experts. This allows for rapid deployment and a broader view for the past, present, and future impact of operations. This also helps cut down massively on costs as well as communication times. 


Using local resources and expertise allows for the continuation of operations beyond what any one organization could hope to accomplish using so few people in such an austere environment. It also grants Shadows of Hope unheard of connections, from authorities in the highest government office to lowly pirates and thieves, securing friendships for prospective operations in the future and a way to avoid red-tape when lives are hanging in the balance. 


Shadows of Hope currently has more than 500+ contacts in almost 30 countries employed in countless professions, ready to act when an official field operative hits the ground. Our success is due to the extremely varied background of our volunteers, and we remain successful because...

We Are Soldiers


We Are Doctors


We Are Teachers


We Are Journalists


We Are Leaders


We Are Fearless


We Are Whatever The World Needs Us To Be

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