All training is done at cost, making us the cheapest option. We do this as a charitable service, because with the privatization of life-saving training, its become about the bottom line and most organizations have sacrificed quality for quantity. 

Our instructors contract out through several organizations. In less than 1 year of doing this, every organization we have taught for has moved to the top 3 highest rated instructional institutes in Las Vegas. Our instructors are the best bar none. 

Our training is 100% customized for your needs. Our training doesn't come from a book, but from real-world experience and working with the literal best in the world. Because of the intense planning that such high quality customized training requires, all of our courses are currently by request only. We now offer onsite training as well as teaching in one of our many partner organizations. 

For all training inquiries, please email us at Our training is offered at request only.

American Heart Association Courses

We offer AHA BLS, Heartsaver, and skill sign offs for both courses. 

By AHA estimation, up to 40% of healthcare providers are performing CPR and Basic Life Support incorrectly. 

The AHA BLS course has become a bane on medical providers. Its a 4 hour course containing mostly video, and is something that is universally dreaded throughout the medical community. 

Shadows of Hope is helping to slowly fix this problem. Our courses are acclaimed for keeping both students and veterans interested throughout the entire course, and our no-holds-barred method of teaching shows the truth about many of the problems we face, as well as the solutions we must embrace in order to better serve our communities. 


NAEMT Courses

We offer both Tactical Combat Casualty Care and Pre-hospital Trauma Life Support. 

Our courses are like nothing else offered in the west. We take years of combat medical experience and roll it into a 2 day course that has been described as a 'brutal experience'. Being TCCC certified means you have people relying on you to save their lives. Your training should reflect that, and our training represents our success running these programs for countless military's overseas, which stems from continued action in some of the worlds worst warzones. 

Our courses contain brief lectures followed by long periods of active lab, including an extremely popular live tissue training. The class culminates on the second day with several real-world scenarios, using blanks, real pig organs, and several talented actors to make sure your training is as realistic as possible. 


Health and Safety Institute Courses

We offer CPR/AED, First Aid, and Wilderness Medicine courses through HSI. 

Our onsite CPR/AED/FA training is 100% customized to fit your needs. We teach you how to respond at your facility, using your equipment, and help identify areas likely to be accident prone. 

Our Wilderness Medicine program is by far our best course offered. The first day is spent in our partners facility, the time split between lecture and lab. The second is spent out in the field, where our students are put to the test and forced to deal with a wide variety of emergencies using only what they can carry or scavenge around them. 

Many clients prefer to use our HSI courses as company retreats or team-building exercises due to the level of 'hands-on' training and the intense yet jovial energy we bring to the classroom.


Firearm Courses

We offer Introduction To Firearms, Home Defense, Pistol and Rifle Combatitives.

Our Introduction To Firearms course gives people from all walks a chance to fire a variety of pistols, shotguns, assault and long-range rifles. 

Our home defense courses are site-specific and teach you the basics for successfully defending yourself, your family, and your property. 

Our Pistol and Rifle Combatitives courses are excellent for Law Enforcement and Military members looking for training in something different. These courses are designed to help you face the unexpected in the field, teaching you to use a radically different mindset to help overcome any problems in the field while improvising using your surroundings instead of just a firearm to help you succeed.


Active Shooter, MCI, Gunfighter Medicine, and Live Tissue Training

Our Active Shooter training offers a FEMA certification upon completion and teaches you and your staff what to expect, how to respond, and how to improvise during an Active Shooter event. 

Our MCI training, like our TCCC, involves an incredibly difficult scenario that will push personnel to their limits, no matter what field or level of veterancy they have. 

Our Gunfighter medicine is a stripped-down, 3 hour version of TCCC designed to teach the basics of combat life saving techniques. This comes with a 'Stop The Bleed' certification. 

Our Live Tissue Training is done using a euthanized pig. This is great training for people from any field. See what factors in trauma affect different systems in the body as you practice dissecting, investigation, and treating these injuries.


For  all training inquiries, please email us at Info@ShadowsOfHope.Org

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